Monday, May 4, 2009

Who is taking over whose culture?

This video was put out by a Bible thumper on Youtube and picked by a friend of mine (a catholic I believe).  

There was even more hatred against catholics when they started migrating from deadly poverty in mainland Europe & Ireland.  Even though many still call themselves catholics by descent - most of their culture is "American" and hold no allegiance to Italy/Rome/Pope - this also applies to the majority of the non-catholic foreigners that have also migrated to the U.S.  It may take a generation to adopt but "American" culture will prevail since its not really a unique culture but a free market of ideas under which the best ideas will be adopted by the majority of the people eventually.  As witnessed by the drop in adoption of religious/superstitious ideas in favor of scientific/rational views in Europe and the U.S (the reason why the Pope is desperately recruiting in Africa and other poor nations trying to take hostage poor uneducated minds before they can think for themselves).  I will agree that Islamic ideology is more lethal at present as some resort to violence against anyone trying to leave it or criticize it (as some Christians did in the past) because they have the same fear that their culture is being wiped out by "American" values of free thinking (which of course is really true).

Borders need controlling only in the sense of criminals and terrorists not worker migrations. Mass worker migrations could easily be stopped if laws were enforced on hiring companies who actively recruit such migrant workers - of course there is no political will for this (Democrat or Republican) because this labor force is necessary.  A well regulated worker-permit is the best solution - it will help and treat fairly (and not to mention eliminate the vultures who take advantage of) these desperate people who want nothing more that to take care of their families.

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